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5 problems of iPhone 15 series

On September 12, Apple announced their new iPhone 15 series. Then the phones hit the market on September 22. But within a week, users are facing various problems.

Potential new buyers are also hesitant as users share negative experiences with the new iPhone on social media. But the hope for Apple is that the biggest issues can be fixed with software updates. Apple has already indicated that they are working to fix the issues.

In this article, the five problems that trouble new iPhone users the most are highlighted in this article.

1. The new iPhone gets very hot
According to a report by technology news outlet Mashable, citing customer complaints, the new iPhone gets very hot. Some users have complained that their device overheats while playing games.

There are complaints that the new iPhone heats up even when recording high-quality video. Some say the phone heats up even when charging.

One user said, ‘The phone gets so hot that I feel uncomfortable even receiving calls.’

In the context of consumer complaints, tech media Android Authority took the initiative to investigate the matter. Their tests also showed that the phones in the new iPhone 15 line-up run hotter than the new phones from Google and Samsung.

Apple may be able to solve this problem with a new software update. Analyst Ming-Chi Ko claimed that while reducing the weight of the new iPhone, Apple could not keep the thermal design of the iPhone 15 series as effective as the previous model. As a result of which this problem has arisen. This is actually a hardware problem. Time will tell to what extent Apple can resolve this issue through software updates.

2. Phone freezes on first turn on
Many users faced problems while transferring data from old iPhone to iPhone 15 model. Apple logo stuck on their screen for a long time (during boot up), which is called freezing. This is said to be due to a software bug.

However, Apple has already solved this problem with a new software update. New iPhone users will see the iOS upgrade option during setup. For those whose new iPhone gets stuck at the Apple logo during boot up, they can get the new and upgraded iOS by resetting the phone. Then this problem will not exist anymore.

However, despite this solution, users identified it as an annoying problem.

3. Slow iOS
Many iPhone 15 users have complained that their phone is very slow.

But this is not the problem of the phone, but the problem of the newly unveiled iOS 17. Also, many apps have yet to roll out updates for iOS 17 or the new iPhone. As a result some software is slowing down the phone.

Analysts think that such problems will be eliminated if these updates are implemented.

But not all users are facing these problems.

4. The visible fingerprint on the body of the iPhone is very visible
Almost all the problems faced by the iPhone 15 users can be solved by the new software update.

But there is currently no solution to the fingerprints on the titanium body of the new iPhone.

However, this does not affect the usability of the phone. Mashable says there’s not much to worry about with the way fingerprints stick to the titanium body. Fingerprints do spoil the beauty of the phone a bit, that’s right. But there is no additional damage.

Dust, smudges and fingerprints are very common in new devices these days.

However, some users have complained that they have seen scratches or marks on the body of the new iPhone after taking it out of the box. Some say the alignment of the display was not right. In these cases, buyers should promptly return or exchange the iPhone. It’s not an overall problem—specifically the problem with that device and Apple is obligated to replace it under warranty.

Not sure exactly how many users are experiencing this problem. The main reason may be known in the future.

5. Fragile iPhone 15
Perhaps the biggest concern with the iPhone 15 series is the durability of the devices. This is a problem that cannot be solved by software updates.

Many of those who have been using the iPhone for a long time, have already noticed that the new iPhones are quite fragile compared to the previous iPhones.

In one of his videos, YouTuber ‘Jerry Rigg Everything’ proved the durability of the new iPhone. His video has gone viral on the internet. Among the iPhone 15 line-up, stability issues are most common with the 15 Pro Max. One blogger said that pressing the back of the phone (on the Pro Max) with the thumb a few times made it break. He shows the matter by video.

YouTuber Sam Cole dropped the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 and found that the iPhone 14 was the least damaged of the two phones.

Dropping the iPhone 15 Pro just a few times makes it completely unusable. Sam advises new iPhone buyers not to use the phone without a cover.


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