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Android have almost 40 security risk

India’s Computer Emergency Response Team has found as many as 40 security flaws in multiple versions of the Android operating system. According to the agency, three of the flaws are critical, exploiting them to allow cybercriminals to easily steal data from Android smartphones or tablet computers, as well as launch ‘Denial of Service’ cyber attacks.

Flaws were found in the Android operating system framework, Google Play system updates, Android runtime, system components, kernel, ARM components, MediaTek components and Qualcomm closed source components. Android operating system users can fall under cyber attacks at any time.
Due to these flaws in Android 10, 11, 12, 12L and 13 operating systems, almost all users are at risk of cyber attacks. India’s Computer Emergency Response Team recommends using updated security patches for Android operating systems to stay safe from cyber attacks.


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