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Apple brought a new update to reduce the temperature of iPhone 15

Apple has brought a new update to the ‘iOS 17’ operating system after users complained about the overheating of the latest version of the iPhone.

Last month, Apple launched the iPhone 15 series with a titanium casing. Its ‘Pro’ and ‘Pro Max’ versions have custom ‘A17’ chips. And the hardware of the Pro version is specially designed for advanced mobile gaming.

However, many customers complained about the phone’s battery life and temperature soon after its unveiling.

On Wednesday, an Apple spokesperson said iOS 17 brings “significant bug fixes as well as security” updates. This includes the fact that the phone is overheating.

Earlier in the week, Apple said the device may feel hot for the first few days after a ‘setup or restore’.

Apple also cited third-party apps like Instagram and Uber as the cause of the phone heating up. However, updates have come to them as well.


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