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Failure to change ownership can result in fines and jail time

But if you buy an old bike and don’t change ownership, you can face jail and fine. There are many of us who buy and sell bikes without changing ownership, but it is a big crime in the eyes of the law.

I am speaking from my personal life experience if you sell the bike then change ownership immediately. And if you buy a second hand bike, change ownership at your own risk. I sold one of my bikes and it got involved in a crime, later to solve the problem but I had to face a lot of trouble.

Today we will know what can be the punishment if the ownership is not changed?
Penalty for contravention of provisions of section 21 relating to registration by transferee on account of change of ownership or transfer of motor vehicle

Section 74 of the Eleventh Chapter of the Road Transport Act 2018 states that if any transferee violates the provisions of Section 21, the said violation shall be an offense and shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding 1 (one) month, or not exceeding 5 (five) thousand taka. shall be punished with fine, or both.

So if you haven’t changed ownership then change ownership. Be safe yourself and make others aware of this.


i'm an bolger. right now i'm working here. i hope this website helped buy new phone and details.

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