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Google CEO: How to pass the interview? Searched on the internet, that boy is the CEO of Google today

Everyone knows Sundar Pichai as the Chief Executive Officer of Google. But many people do not know the story of hard work and dedication behind it. However, in several interviews over the past few days, he has shared his move to Silicon Valley from IIT Kharagpur. But does he also search on Google like you? You will be surprised to know that before becoming the CEO of Google, he searched with the interview of this search engine. In a recent Google blog post to mark 25 years of Google telling us about everything from Septipins to airplanes, he shared an untold story. Just waiting to search. Sundar Pichai hails the creators of this vast ocean of information, namely Larry Page and Sergey Brin, as search engine revolutionaries. According to him, their approach has now become an invaluable tool for billions of users worldwide. The curiosity of many Google CEO Sundar Pichaio search on Google? He leaked the answer to that question today.
What Google CEO Sundar Pichai searched for?
Google’s current CEO searched for how to improve in an interview. However, this search was not done recently. That was in 2003. When he was a student. However, he did not clarify how much the search results helped in improving his interview.
Do you want to join Google? So know what are the highest paying jobs in tech giant Google
The 10 highest paying jobs in Google are – Software Engineer (Salary Rs 5.90 crore), Engineering Manager (Salary Rs 3.28 crore), Enterprise Direct Sales (Salary Rs 3.09 crore), Legal Corporate Counsel (Salary Rs 2.62 crore), Sales Strategy (Salary 2.62 crore Rs.), UX Design (Rs. 2.58 crore). In addition to the above posts, there are Government Affairs & Public Policy (salary of Rs. 2.56 crore), Research Scientist (salary of Rs. 2.53 crore), Cloud Sales (salary of Rs. 2.47 crore) and Program Manager (salary of Rs. 2.46 crore). ) positions are highly paid by Google.


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