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Google Flights to get cheap plane tickets

Google brought good news for travelers! The popular search engine platform has added a new feature. Through that feature, Google will tell you the cheapest flight fare to go somewhere. Apart from this, it is also said in the new feature of Google that if you buy a ticket at a low cost, you can pay for the air fare.

The tech giant officially announced this feature through a blog post recently.

In the post, Google said, “By analyzing data from reliable sources, we will be able to inform travelers on the day of their choice, when they can get the most out of tickets to the destination of their choice.” Basically, depending on what the air fare of a route was at a certain time of the year in the past, Google will inform travelers of this information.

How does the Google Flights feature work?

Suppose you go on a trip after two months. In that case, you go to Google to check the air fare status. This feature can then tell you, at what time you book the ticket, you can book the ticket at the lowest price. If it matches your plan, you will be shown all possible flights on the screen. It may also happen that the feature shows that the ticket price is likely to drop after a few days of your scheduled date, then you can wait for a few days and buy the ticket.

Many times before the departure of the plane, the fare of the plane suddenly decreases. In this case, the flight guarantee badge will be added next to any fare in this feature. So that travelers understand, the fare of that seat is not likely to increase or decrease suddenly.

The new feature also includes flight tracking. That is, if you ever buy a ticket using this service, Google will regularly track the fare of that flight later on. However, only US passengers can enjoy this facility.

Google Flights is an online service where you can check airfare before buying a plane ticket. You can also buy tickets through third parties using this feature. The feature of showing affordable airfares is a new addition to this service.


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