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Google showed Pixel 8 and new smartwatch with AI features

Google has unveiled the Pixel 8 smartphone and a new smartwatch. They have various AI based features.

Google’s flagship Pixel smartphone isn’t likely to come close to the iPhone in sales, but it packs all the technology found in Android products. Pixel phones are very popular especially among consumers who are interested in photography and don’t want to put features of other phone manufacturers in their Android gadgets.

Google has used its own ‘Tensor G3’ processor in the new Pixel phone. This custom chip has features like AI and machine learning. As a result, users can keep more data on device and cloud storage.

Company executives said at the Made by Google event in New York on Wednesday that AI features will be useful in photography, summarizing web pages and even blocking spam calls.

Pixel 8 prices start at $699. And to buy Pixel Pro 8, you have to add about 1000 dollars. These will be available in the market from October 12.


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