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Google will give earthquake warning

Google launched the Earthquake Alert System in 2020. This new system will alert you through a notification if an earthquake occurs near you. Although it was first introduced in the United States, now earthquake warnings are in use in various countries including Bangladesh. The Earthquake Alert System sends out earthquake warnings primarily by analyzing surface vibrations. In addition to informing about the source and magnitude of earthquakes, it also provides advice on how to stay safe. If you want to use the Android Earthquake alert system, you can also know the detailed information about the earthquake.

But do you know how to get this notification? Many people do not know the procedure well. It is important to inform the matter because you do not know. Because even though earthquake warning is a small matter, many positive things can be done in this way.

How to Activate Earthquake Alert System

Step 1: First, enter the smartphone settings and go to the ‘Safety and Emergency’ option. From there select ‘Earthquake Alerts’.

Step 2: From the next page the Earthquake Alerts toggle has to be turned on.

Step 3: Scroll down and tap on ‘C A Demo’ to view the experimental warning.

Step 4: Tap on the ‘Learn Earthquake Safety Tips’ option to get earthquake safety tips. Can be seen.

How does Google give warnings?

Google mainly uses the accelerometer sensor facility in users’ Android smartphones. Accelerometers can detect primary ‘P’ waves or surface vibrations as earthquakes occur. If the Android Earthquake alert system is on, the smartphone will send information to Google’s servers when the ground tremors are detected.

After analyzing the data sent from various smartphones, “Be Aware” also sends warnings called “Take Action” to the users after understanding the magnitude of the earthquake. Usually you will get a ‘Be aware’ message if there is an earthquake of magnitude 4.5. At this time, Google gives various advices to stay safe in addition to providing information about the possible origin of the earthquake. A ‘take action’ notification is sent if the magnitude of the earthquake is greater than 4.5 on the Richter scale. An alarm will automatically start ringing on your phone. Google will prompt you to go to a safe place first. At least with the help of technology there is no chance to panic. Google will give you the necessary advice.


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