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How to delete WhatsApp channel step by step?

Now you can open the channel on WhatsApp as well. WhatsApp brought a new feature. Through which users can open channels. You can follow celebrities, cricketers, footballers and businesses from WhatsApp.

The Meta-owned platform will have a new ‘Updates’ tab in the app. Where family, friends can follow multiple channels apart from chat.

In the meantime, many celebrities and common people have opened channels on WhatsApp. However, the WhatsApp channel is permanently deleted if desired. If someone deletes their WhatsApp channel, then they can’t get back there. Even after deletion, followers will still find that channel.

But they will see a message that that WhatsApp channel has been deleted. As a result, past updates will be found correctly. Those who have not followed that WhatsApp channel, they will no longer see that channel or updates. And you won’t find that channel by searching.

Know how to delete WhatsApp channel-

  1.  First of all you have to open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  2.  Then go to the Updates tab on the mobile or go to the Channels page on the web. Then find your channel.
  3.  Then click on your WhatsApp channel name and click on delete channel and click on delete option.
  4.  Finally enter your phone number and click on delete option.
  5. Once the WhatsApp channel is successfully deleted, users will see the message “You deleted your channel” in the update tab.


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