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How to edit messages sent on WhatsApp

Many times we send wrong messages or wrongly spelled messages while chatting with someone on WhatsApp. Or write something unsolicited that later feels like it shouldn’t have been said that way. In this case, you will have the opportunity to re-edit or correct the sent message.

At the end of May this year, Meta first launched such a facility on WhatsApp. But at that time not all users got the opportunity to use this facility. Now almost all users can use this feature.

How to edit sent message:
If you want to edit the message sent on WhatsApp, click on the downward triangle icon on the right side of the message and you will see the edit option along with reply, react, forward options. Clicking on it will display a new popup window. From there, the message can be edited or corrected and re-sent. However, the facility to edit or change a message will be available within 15 minutes after sending. After that the edit option will not show in that message.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp’s rivals Telegram and Signal have long had the ability to modify messages. Twitter even has the option to edit messages for paid users. However, in Telegram, there is an opportunity to modify the message within 48 hours.


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