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Keep your smartphone safe from hacking

We have to use smartphones constantly from pocket to bag. Smartphones have become a big part of our lives now. So smartphones contain all the data and information we need. However, mobile phone hacking is not uncommon. Hacking is done by stealing data from mobile phones. There are many problems of phone hacking through phishing links, third party apps, data permissions.

Today we have to discuss how to save the smartphone from mobile hacking.
Be aware of malware
Various malware can enter the smartphone while downloading. Malware steals many of your important information on smartphones and gives them to hackers. And in this way, your personal mail, banking app information is also hacked on the phone. Malware has recently been found on iPhones as well. Android also has various malware. So don’t download from any site online. Even after downloading, take care of the file. Sometimes it is downloaded in TXT file format. Also in app form. Know these things.
Update the app
System UI including apps and operating system should always be updated. Because many times there are bugs in the app. Security patch details should also be correct. By updating the app there, no system bug can take advantage of your app to steal data.
Do not click on phishing links
Nowadays many people provide phishing links with many lures. Phishing links are not difficult to identify. These are not links to websites. Rather, you will be told about income by entering this link or you will be told that you can earn easily by doing various things by entering this link. Many will name the competition. Do not enter these links first. Be sure first. Google has some checkers that allow detecting phishing links.
Be careful when downloading third party apps
There are many apps which are not in play store. Many people use these apps continuously. Some apps are for movies, some apps are for live TV. By installing these apps, you accept the risk. But this app steals a lot of your data. You don’t even know how much sensitive data is stolen. So if you have to use it, uninstall it after use.
Better not to use unsecured WiFi
Unsecured WiFi is usually in public places. And WiFi in public places is a hacker’s paradise Many hackers can introduce malware through networks.
Turn on Two Factor Authenticator
Even if you hack Nomail or any other app, if two factor authentication is enabled, no one will get access easily. Many people think that two factor takes more time. Actually nothing like that. Instead, Two Factor now has more new and faster features.
Password must be unique
It would be better to make your password a little stronger. If necessary, keep a separate note of the password. But if you keep the password strong, it is difficult to hack easily.


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