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Oppo showed a new surprise in mobile graphics

Oppo is playing a significant role in ray tracing, graphics rendering and artificial intelligence at SIGGRAPH 2023. During the conference, the audience will get a visual experience with hands-on demos of flagship devices like Oppo Find X6 Pro, OnePlus 11 and Oppo Pad 2.

The refined fissure engine brings a new dimension to mobile ray tracing

Oppo has been continuously working with other industry partners to further advance the journey of mobile ray tracing and in 2021 it introduced an industry first ray tracing solution called Fissure Engine for mobile devices.

Siggraph 2022 brings Fissure Engine 1.0 to Oppo Global developers for modification and redistribution, while continuing to unveil its next phase, Fissure Engine 2.0, which features Oppo-exclusive ray tracing effects, a mixed rendering pipeline and offline full paths. Including tracing will add more advanced ray tracing capabilities.

During Siggraph 2023, visitors can also enjoy the shooter mobile game ‘CampGuard 3.0’ based on the optimized Fissure engine. Compared to the previous game, it is much more vivid and realistic.

Game characters, sky, mirrored clouds and all other surfaces can be combined with sunlight and these graphics become much more interesting.

With real-time hardware-based ray tracing, propagation, reflection and refraction handled by Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, matrix and skyline wallpaper optical effects are more vivid.

At the same time users can also enjoy the awesome visual effects of the physics engine wallpapers – a joint venture of Oppo and Taichi Lang. Smooth as a velvet curtain, these wallpapers go well with the spontaneous, natural and detailed fireworks on display. Oppo Mobile Deep Learning Super Sampling is a perfect combination of high resolution images and low power consumption.


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