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Realme on Fortune China 2023 Impact 65 list

Smartphone brand Realme has made it to Fortune China’s 2023 Impact 65 List of Startups in recognition of its efforts to fulfill corporate social responsibility in an effective way.

As one of the world’s most influential business magazines, Fortune China’s Impact List of Startups in China highlights the initiatives of organizations that are successfully moving forward by fulfilling their commitments.

Currently, startups are playing a role in bringing meaningful changes in society and people’s lives by tackling various problems of society through technology. New or emerging organizations that are already playing a role in improving the quality of people’s lives and have achieved significant progress in tackling various social and environmental crises as an important part of their business strategy are recognized by placing on the Impact List.

Realme has been emphasizing on innovative products, R&D capabilities and green development since its inception. In its two years of inception, Realme has been recognized as the fastest growing smartphone brand for four consecutive quarters and ranked seventh in global smartphone exports.

In 2021, Realme achieved the milestone of selling products worth USD 100 million, breaking the record in just 37 months. That same year, Realme as a new mainstream smartphone brand took sixth place in the global smartphone market for the first time. The brand, under the motto ‘Dare to Leap’, brings innovative products with the aim of empowering the youth through ‘leap-forward’ technology and design, which has contributed to Realme’s incredible success worldwide and the trust of young consumers.

Realme celebrated its five-year anniversary in August, unveiled its ‘leap-forward climbing’ plan and announced new goals. The brand will continue its efforts towards sustainable development through its brand philosophy of ‘Dare to Leap’ and unveil innovative products for the youth around the world.


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