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So many misconceptions about smartphone charging

There are some misconceptions among us about charging smartphones. Smartphones have become a big part of our lives these days. So there is no end to precautions when it comes to taking care of the phone. But there are some misconceptions regarding this warning. Misconceptions are not the cause of harm. But it is better to be aware.

Not in use during charging
Many people think that it is not right to use the phone while it is charged. In fact, there is no possibility of any effect on the battery at this time. However, the charging speed may be a little slow. Since charging is also being used. If the processor is less powerful it may hang.

No phone charge overnight
Some say that the phone cannot be charged overnight. But the fact is, if you use a good quality charger, you can keep the phone charged overnight. Most smartphones are not prone to overcharging. Many phones these days have the feature built into the software. When the charge is full, the processor no longer charges.

Will you give full charge?
We think the phone should be fully charged. But in busy life it is not possible to charge 100% all the time, nor is it necessary. 30-80% charge is better than 100% charge. The performance of your phone’s battery is destroyed by a full charge. The manufacturing time of the product determines how many times a full charge will destroy the life of the battery. So full charge should not be given.

Battery is damaged by repeated charges?
It is said that repeated charging destroys the battery of the smartphone. Basically, most smartphones are designed in such a way that they can be charged multiple times without any problem. But the quality of the charger should be good. How many watt charger is supported on the phone should be checked. Otherwise it will be harmful.

Turning off the phone drains the battery
Some don’t hang up the phone out of fear. The reason for doing so is the fear of battery damage. It is up to the user not to turn off the phone. There is no risk of damaging the battery.

The charge lasts longer if the SIM is switched off
There is also an idea about the battery of the phone, if you put it in airplane mode, the battery lasts longer. Even if you don’t keep Wi-Fi, GPS, etc. connected, the battery drain is reduced. Actually it depends on your usage. Don’t keep mobile data on all the time. Don’t turn on Wi-Fi and hotspots unless necessary.

Basically, being extra careful with smartphone charging can result in more charges being lost. Rather than that, you should look at the settings of the phone to keep the battery charged longer.


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