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An emergency security update was released by Apple on September 21. Now users often ask various questions while giving an update. This time was no exception. iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Safari browser have been updated due to security issues.

According to Apple, there are basically three different problems in their software. First, Apple’s WebKit is having problems. WebKit is a browser engine that powers the Safari browser. Second, some malicious apps may get installed on the iPhone due to the certificate validation bug. The third problem is that access is now available due to a bug in the kernel.

Just days after iOS 17’s unveiling, the new update has raised eyebrows among many. The new update was supposed to include new features against cyber attacks. This was not seen in Apple’s new update at first because they were aware of the bug in iOS 16.7. Even the new bug was first identified by Google’s Threat Analysis Group. The Citizen blog and Google’s multiple blogs confirm this. Recently, the security risk of many users through the use of predator software at Apple came into discussion.
Predator is a software. Intellexa’s subsidiary Citrus builds this software. Software designed to steal phone data was banned in the US this year. Moreover, a software called BlastPass took advantage of this bug and demanded money from many people. Apple says this issue will be resolved with a new update. So update the phone as soon as there is a new update on your iPhone.


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