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What to do if you forget your smartphone password

Forgot phone password? Do not understand what to do? Is the only way to reset? But it will delete all the data of your phone. So what is the way? Many have faced this problem at least once. Did not understand what to do after forgetting the pattern or password. Just reset the phone. And then saw that the phone has no data. From photos to contacts, everything will disappear. But it will increase your risk. You will be told a way so that you can unlock the phone very easily. No need to reset for that.

Use Google Account:

The easiest way to unlock your phone password is to use a Google account. If your Android phone is linked with a Google account, you can only use it. Now the question may come in your mind, how do you know if the phone is linked to the Google account or not? The simple way is if you enter wrong password five times, you will see Forgot Your Password option. Then you can reset the password with your email id from here. Then enter the new password on the phone and the phone will be unlocked. If not linked, you won’t get such an option. But then there is another way.

There is another way

To unlock Android phone, you can also take help of Google Find My Device. This app is also used to locate stolen and lost phones. With the help of the app, you can ring the phone even if it is silent. Not only that, you can also delete phone data. You can also lock your phone if you want. However, you need to login to Find My Device with the same email ID that you have on your phone.

If you forget the password, you need to login with your email id with the help of this app or website. After that you need to select the device and tap on lock device. Now you can create a new password in the lock option here. Unlock the phone with that new password. So if it seems not linked with google account. Then there is no reason to worry.


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