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Why are there small hairs on the tire?

The tire’s sidewall, the part that sticks to the road, has these hair-like rubber rims.

Although it may seem strange, all new tires have a special type of hair like hair. Are they important for tire safety?

The tire’s sidewall, the part that sticks to the road, has these hair-like rubber rims. These are called vent spews.

In this regard, Will Robbins, director of the Consumer Product Strategy Department of Bridges tone Americas, a multinational manufacturer, said that the process by which tires are made by pressing soft rubber in a pattern or mold, results in the rubber’s special rims sticking to the tire. These differ according to the size and type of each tire. To make tires, soft rubber is pressed into a specific mold, so that the rubber reaches all parts of the mold. Pressure can also cause air bubbles to form inside the mold. Some small holes are kept in the mold so that no air can get inside. When the soft rubber is pressed into the mold, some of the molten rubber escapes through these tiny holes. After cooling the tire, these extra rubbers stick to the tire.

Another reason is that when the rubber is inserted into the mould, there must be enough room for the excess rubber to escape. That is why small holes are placed on the mold. It is through these holes that molten rubber escapes, after cooling it sticks to the surface of the tire in a hair-like fashion. Simply put, they are a byproduct of tires.

Automotive expert Margaret Stein says, ‘These rims ensure that no air or gas is trapped inside the tyre. This air can cause structural damage to the tire and adversely affect its performance. Whether the tire is safe or not can be easily checked by looking at these ROMs.

Is it important for safe driving?

They have no effect on safe driving, as they are not part of the original tyre. It has nothing to do with how a tire grips in the rain, or safe driving, Stine said. They also have no role in how the tires will sound while driving. They only indicate whether the tire is new or not. Nothing more.

One can remove them from the tire on the chair. But whether it does or not. But if you want to cut these hairs for the sake of beauty, then you have to cut them with a very sharp knife or scissors. Be careful not to accidentally cut the original tire while cutting. Because, then it can create many dangers and risks, as well as affect the performance of the tire. As a result, the car may suffer an accident.

But if a new tire does not have them, then there is a logical reason to doubt whether it is new or not of good quality.

Another little tidbit about tires is that both Tire and Tire are spelled correctly in English. Tire is the British spelling and Tire is the American spelling.


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