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Why does the clock always show 9:41 in iPhone ads?

There is nothing new to say about the popularity of the iPhone. The iPhone revolutionized the modern mobile experience. Which has become more modern as time goes by. A revolutionary change came in the mobile market by the hands of Steve Jobs. Not Android or Windows, iPhone is hitting the world market with a completely different operating system.

The iPhone 15 series has recently arrived in the market. Which is already at the peak of popularity. iPhone lovers are in a frenzy with this phone. Sales are booming.

However, it is unknown to many iPhone lovers why iPhone ads show 9:41 on the phone clock. Many people are curious about the reason behind this.
Only those who know the history of iPhone can answer this question. Because, the reason for having 9.41 in the advertisement of iPhone is hidden in the birth log of iPhone.

The first iPhone was released six months after Apple co-founder Steve Jobs announced the iPhone at an event held in San Francisco on January 7, 2007.

The time of 9.41 AM in the iPhone and iPad advertisement is the time when Steve Jobs unveiled his company’s first iPhone and iPad to the public on June 29, 2007.

Since then, every iPhone model that has come into the market has been advertised with 9:41 as the clock on the Apple phone. This custom has been going on since that time.


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